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"Must empty first" messages
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This happens when trying to pour liquids into oil drums or when trying to attach the holster and ammo pouches to the plate carrier.


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Take empty barrel place on ground, with lid off or on select pour PET bottle or Fuel can into barrel and receive message. Same thing with empty plate carrier, pouches and holster. Tried while wearing the plate carrier and with it on the ground (didn't matter which attachment was mounted first) the second one would give the same message.

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PS, I haven't seen or heard a zombie since 0.58 was promoted.

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Hello 0Tek and thank you for the report.
The issue with barrels is known and has been scheduled for a fix (#0027742). As for the issue with pouches, we have tested this thoroughly but unfortunately we were unable to reproduce the issue you have described. Please retest the pouch issue once next patch hits Steam and report back to us in case the issue is still present on there.