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The AK Bayonet is too large. Also, it doesn't spawn in 0.58 with all the other bayonets.
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So, the bayonet you guys have modelled is the so called AKM Type II Bayonet.

It's IRL length should be 274 mm, with the blade being 150 mm long. The one you have ingame is quite a bit longer, as you can see on the pic provided, when compared to a real AKM bayonet, seen here. ( The pommel of the bayonet should end at the gas block.

Also, it should be able to be mounted on a SVD, see ( The SVD you modelled has a bayonet mounting lug compatible with AK series bayonets. One day, if you get the bayonets working together with zombies, it would be a good addition.


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The bayonet you have is proportional and well modelled, just its scale is too big, and it just looks ridiculous on the rifle. Please fix it.

Not sure if intentional, but none of the bayonets (M7, AKM, Mosin or SKS) are spawning as of 0.58.

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Hello HrcAk47 and thank you for the report.
The issue with bayonet size has been confirmed and scheduled for a fix.
As for the bayonets not spawning, that is an issue we are aware of and it has been scheduled for a fix.