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Loot Problems
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hello devs,
after a server-restart there is an Problem of this Server with the loot:
First, all Basis and berrels are not found (our 12 berrels and a full base of some friendly Player) but in the houses and tents, there is all the time the same loot on small space.
For example in one tent there are 3 AK74 and one other item. In the next tent there are 3 helms and one other item. 3 Butstocks and one handgard... and so on.
Also there is loot in some building it shouldn't spawn there.
We are unable to fix this Problem.

Also, if you drop an old item out of your inventory, it is not availible / invivisble / away or not on the place it was droped


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It would be nice if we get all the berrels and bases back and the loot spawn normal again. Restart the Server didn't help.

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Can confirm that the loot seem to "double" on private servers in a strange way sometimes. One building has for example 1 rice and one powdered milk. Same building butanother room had the exact same. Over to the next building there was 1 red hat and a kitchen knife. Another room again the same. Seem very wired.

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Devs, please help us :S

Because we get no help, we reinstall the Server now

Now the Server starts always on 4:27 and in the Settings the time is set by 10:30.

I recently raided Zeleno and met somebody friendly who explained the new loot respawn system. We kept emptying out the barracks and new loot spawned, and it would always exhibit this type of behaviour.
Spawn 5x Aviator sunglasses -> clear them out, throw them outside
Spawn 4x SVD Mag -> clear them out, throw them outside
Spawn 5x UMP Mag -> clear them out, throw them outside
Spawn 6x Binoculars -> clear them out, throw them outside
Spawn 4x Gorka pants -> clear them out, throw them outside
Spawn 3x Smersh backpack -> clear them out, throw them outside
Spawn 1x AKM etc. etc. etc.

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Lets hope the next update will fix the loot issues.