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Session Lost - Signature check error
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Wide spread session lost seen across all servers (Australia), from private to public. One needs to only join one to see that the more high populated servers suffere from it more. It is clearly evident because every 30 seconds there will be an error message for a player that has disconnected. {F32610} {F32611}


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Seems to occur more often on servers with higher populations. Can also result in frequent character wipe when this occurs in conjunction with:
a) Spawning in
b) Driving a truck

In addition, this is not an issue with an Australian ISP as it occurs to NZ players as well. Thus this issue is localised to dayZ, steam and or the BattleEye Client, and is not a problem of any of the DayZ users with their internet connection.

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Have had the same happen to me as well on AUS servers...session lost while driving a truck is insta death!

I have also been having this same problem on the PIPSI servers. Thought it was just my internet connection. The session lost disconnect are random, and don't seem to happen at any specific time.

This is happening to me as well, mainly on Pipsi #1 PVP private server in Australia. Every 20 minutes or, my character stop being able to vault or interact with objects. A short time later, I get the Connection Lost error.

Geez added a comment.Sep 24 2015, 1:17 PM

Hello and thank you for the report.
Does the session lost message appear upon first time connecting to a server, or does it take multiple connects/reconnects until the issue appear? Also, do you notice any performance changes, prior to the session lost message appearing?

Hi Geez,
The session lost message appears randomly after you join a server, it could be 5 minutes after you join or 40 minutes, but it happens often enough (I just had 2 in 1 hour and half of playing on a public server). It will reappear independently of how many times you connect. It only takes one try to reconnect back to server after being disconnected due to "session lost". No noticeable performance changes observed before, during or after "session lost" besides the typical symptoms of having "recieving" on any item you right click just before it is about to happen (and disconnect you).

Geez added a comment.Sep 24 2015, 4:34 PM

Hello abasees.
I have confirmed the issue, but will need some information still. Could you try to verify your game cache in Steam and let me know if the issue still persists?

Hey Geez,
Later today (AEST) I will try to do as you say. First I will verify cache, then join one of the higher populated public or private servers and see if I receive the issue.

Geez, I will also try to verify my game cache and see if it occurs. I am experiencing the exact same issue as abasees. Just before it occurs, I am unable to open/close doors, or interact with my inventory, but people I am playing with still move about fine on my screen. The connection lost happened to me about 5 times in the period of an hour last night. Some times it only happens a couple of times though.

Also. This only started occurring after the patch that addressed camp desync and item despawn.

I tried verifying my Steam cache, and the problem still occurs on Pipsi #1 for me.

I got the session lost allot yesterday when I was hanging around myshinko tents. Had it about 5-6 times in a 30 min period.

I can also conform that verifying game cache did not help.

Can confirm that this did not help in resolving the issue.

Geez added a comment.Sep 25 2015, 3:55 PM

Thank you,
In that case we will look into the issue and let you know in case we get some new information.


Just been on the PIPSI servers again. It was massively widespread. You can see a players is about to get session lost, as you see the error "Signature check error" in battle eye just before the player gets disconnected. I probably got session lost about 15 times in a 4 hour session.

hriki added a subscriber: hriki.May 8 2016, 11:49 PM

Hello, a friend and I are experiencing this quite frequently on the Australian PIPSI #1 server. It appears to happen to everybody eventually on the server. Have verified and such, issue persists.

The below comment is from the PIPSI admins on their forums. They believe the session lost's errors, are directly linked to loot cycling the officer tents.

"It is caused by the Loot cycling of the offices tents.The server cant load all of the gear that has been dumped on the ground plus all the gear that people have of them so as u know it is timing people out.We have tried to put a stop to people doing this and hope it gets better until the patch it"

whilst It may seem like that Rockeet, how come it would occur during peak time, when no one could loot cycle the half-rounds? I would agree with that idea except for the fact the half-rounds are empty especially at peaking time, so not cycling could occur. Also this problem seems localised to the Australian region too...

Abasees, I agree with what you have said. I don't believe it is linked to loot cycling the officers tents, but the PIPSI admins seem to think so. It is really frustrating at the moment, as I refuse to drive a truck whilst it is happening, as you have a high chance of death.

Yep, I just got the error while driving a truck. When relogging into the server, I received the error that I uploaded as clipboard01.jpg. Shows that apparently when it happens whilst driving a truck, the character somehow gets corrupted and lost. Guess I won't be driving anymore trucks either until this is fixed...


[THC] Toxic House Clan

What's funny is that it was nearly empty when it happened, as the server had just restarted, so it may not be a full server issue.

Thanks for the additional info slogga, that is worrying that the server was mostly empty. I've lost two characters to this issue whilst driving, it is frustrating.

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Oriax added a comment.Oct 2 2015, 9:23 AM

Yeah having this "session lost" issue as well. Im in the UK area, i have reinstalled dayz, reinstalled Battleye, reinstalled steam, verified game cashe and it dont really matter if its a full server or empty one, "session lost" just happens randomly, just when i join the server or been playing between 5 minutes to an hour and I also get "instruction at 0x memory could not be written" every time I close the game. checked with Memtest and i had no issues with memory hardware.

The issue started for me like 6 updates ago.. Kinda starting to get frustrated.

So is there any progress on this? Do you need more information?

I just lost another character on this server, and I wasn't even driving a truck this time: