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Overheating at Night
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During the day, if I run for long time periods (30-60 minutes depending on how often I stop) while wearing a raincoat, I can eventually reach the "hot" status. However, at night, I seem to be reaching the "hot" status after as little as 2 or 3 minutes. It appears that the ambient temperature at night is much higher than it is during the day. Since this is counter to what one would logically expect, I assume it is a bug.


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Steps To Reproduce

Step 1 - Run for 15 minutes straight during the day.
Step 2 - Run for 15 minutes straight during the night.
Step 3 - Compare how quickly your character reaches the "hot" status.

Additional Information

I suggest wearing a raincoat since this issue may be tied to that particular piece of torso covering or, due to its insulation value, may trigger the issue more quickly. It should be noted, however, that I have had the same issue with other shirts, just not as quickly.

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This issue still exists in Experimental 0.59, just so you know.

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Can confirm. Happening while wearing only Hunter Jacket/Pants, Press Vest, Wellies and Improv. Backpack - getting Hot status after few minutes of jogging or 10 seconds of running.