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Aim locked at certain angle when looking up but unlocked fully when looking down.
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What is the reasoning to lock the aim at a certain angle when looking up i mean how did you expect people to kill others in houses where they can stand up on stairs without the player below him being able to angle his aim up and shoot at him you.

Have you tested this and seen how badly it is, even worse when your up against a wall and stairs infront of you the aim gets limited even further.

This is just outrages on a scale 1-10 how realistic do you think this is, you talk so much about your game being realistic but yet you limit it to your own satisfaction it's just unbelievable dont come with some excuses that you cant change it, you did recently there is no reason for you guys to lock our aim like that.

The body doesnt follow the hand at the limit of the angle and you cant aim further up.

People goes into houses aim up stairs get owned by the people up there they dont even realise there is a aim lock and think the other guy is some elite pvper like it's just ridicilous.

Let me give you another example the sign towers at cherno how did you expect people to aim up there unless like you are outside of town people just camp and know you cant do shit about it unless you move further away from it to the point where you can aim that far up.

It should have been hotfixed long time ago, dont make yourself look more ridicilous by thinking this is realistic and dictating and limiting our options to play the game properly.

(If you say working as intended i want valid reasons behind it and explained what gains is there to come from doing this when ingame currently over the option when fully unlocked looking upwards, what is realistic about this since your base line is "realism" in this game?)

(I want a explantation why you limited it, what are thoese "limitations", why you changed it in the first place and didnt change it back before thoese "limitations" arose?. After all you are the guys in charge of the coding you should know such things in advance since it was unlocked at some point in the engine and have seen it coming?.)


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  1. Stand infront of stairs and aim up.
  1. Stand infront stairs and move back against the wall and aim up.
  1. Stand infront of high towers buildings where people are ontop and aim up.
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This gives a unfair advantage to be higher up on buildings and stairs etc where people have to move up to be able kill them.

Aiming up is locked to a certain angle looking upwards and fully unlocked when looking down.

The upper guy always have a advantage looking down when the other player is close below and looking upwards.


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Micho added a comment.Sep 17 2015, 5:45 PM

They havent explained in detail the answer to my questions described above, it's easy to say this is a duplicate and ignore it but the fact remains why did you change it and limit it etc.

Unless you are a Dayz dev you shouldnt comment this as dupe if you dont have source of the answer to the questions explained in detail wich is not a dupe, unless you source a link to my questions in detail.

If you read the status reports that are put out quite frequently you will find your answer.

Micho added a comment.Sep 17 2015, 6:39 PM

How about you link me to it instead since you are so sure about it, give me a source.

It's funny you guys talk so much about finding stuff but yet you cant give me a valid source of my questions and have the audacity to come with your weak arguments.

I'm that kind of guy that dont sit here and shut up while the devs dictate our gameplay by nonsense and excuses that arent valid.

You seem to have some anger issues, maybe seek counseling or talk to a friend? I merely pointed out this issue was already reported and answered by the dev team in another ticket. For the record, I didn't vote on your issue. Personal attacks against the devs or other reporters will only damage your credibility. I play primarily 1PP and understand your frustration with this change. However, the reality is the devs don't owe you a full explanation and you are less likely to get one by going on an emotional tirade in the feedback tracker.


Micho added a comment.Sep 17 2015, 6:43 PM

I dont have anger issues at all but i get pretty salty when people like you guys come here and point out stuff that isnt true or lack a valid source to your response.

For the record i fine tuned my previous posts so they look constructive to a acceptable point.

Ofcourse they dont owe me a explanation but i think i speak for alot of people in the community when it comes to exactly this issue and not only myself. I have even seen pretty popular streamers that want answers on exactly thoese questions i asked why they limited it why it isnt fixed yet etc.

If i guess there is only a line in camera angle code that you have to change some values and voila it's fully unlocked again.

it's not any rocket science, doesn't take a scientist to figure this out just saying, unless it is really locked and they answer my previous questions stated above in the report.

I agree, especially when I try to look up just using my head movement it is unreasonable to lock it at a ~50° angle. I use TrackIR and it is very restricting the way it is limited. This needs a quick fix!