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Stone tools
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I would love the ability to craft stone arrowheads in addition to stone knives. Stone axes would be great too by combining a stick and a stone. Stone arrow heads can be as good as metal, but are prone to breaking. Stone axes are pretty slow to use, but can be made with materials found in nature.


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Using rope to hold the stick and stone together would be a great way to kind of gate it so hatchets aren't too easy to make... we do need a natural method of rope creation though, maybe grass fibers dried over a fire and twined?

Having made natural rope and twine, it is painfully easy after you know how. you can make a strong rope out of plastic bags, toilet paper. Just about anything with length to it. I'd love to see plant fiber be something you can use to make rope, but I agree that using rope/twine/duct-tape/etc would be a good idea as well.