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V3S does not unflip after server restart
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We have two V3S that flipped. A server restart normally unflips them. But nothing happens. Location is on the western end of the map (000/046).


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your V3S are lost forever, unflipping V3S after restart isn't realistic

Melak, this has always been a solution for flipped V3S since they are in the game. A restart also repairs and refuels them. Maybe they are out of this "repair range" as they are at the end of the map.

We have a V3S on its side near Vybor industrial on the road leading up to NWAF which has not sorted itself out after several restarts

restarts no longer flip them back over because of persistence. After the set amount of time being left alone, it will be reset to a spawn location again.

I already had unflipped v3s in 0.58 stable after restart. They also head to north after a restart, no matter in which direction they were parked before restart.

@Geez maybe close this ticket cause it's obsolete?

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