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Admin kick every one
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I want to report a violation on the following DayZ server: port 2402

Admin kick every one just to play alone on the server today the 3 of September at 14:30 CEST.
Then it will be impossible to join the server because they kick each time we try to connect.
This is a violation of the Bohemia Interactive rules.


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Why do not you buy no own server? Why do you want to save and at the expense of other games? Why do not you just go to another server, nor are enough there?
Why are you viewing categories like to be a self-proclaimed sheriff who verpätzt other?
You have suffered no harm, because the server, as you wrote it, did not you kicked, and then to have or like an advantage in battle. He just wanted to spend his money for what you were not ready, but you prefer the other, have to cost a little time for yourself and get some rest.
I do not understand how you can be so it and behind sentences such as hiding the "rules".
Incredibly, want to use a free offer for you, and to complain about others who spend a lot of money.
That's the same as if you would sdich complain to Youtube on advertising, but would not be willing to pay something to have none. But someone has to pay for it. And if you're not ready, you do not complain if people sometimes want something for their money.

the server is breaking the rules and should be punished. NBPone, your text is pointless.

no, its not pointless.
In one sentence: You get, what you paid for. And he don't pay for anythink.
It plays on cost of others players.
And if someone would like to have a rest for a server he paid for, he becomes a selfmade sheriff.
Litte story, which is the same:

An employee of us got stuck in the elevator. A colleague had opened over the Emergency release the doors, because about 30 minutes no help came.
Then came the aid and has angemeckert colleagues, he would have no certificate to open the doors may.

Here he had taken no harm by the kick. That was the moment during joins. Would it be in battle or anywhere else, so that the admin would have an unfair advantage of it, I would understand.
Here is hidden with the "Breaking the Rules" only the "he has no certificate" and attempts at others' expense to gain an advantage.

This is anything but socially at the expense of other people to play when you're not ready themselves to bring up a server.

> You get what you paid for => Nothink

NBPone you're missing the point. Administrators of servers, even if they overpay for their server, aren't allowed to kick DayZ SA players just because they want to play alone and get easy gear (though that's not how the loot economy works now thankfully)

Bohemia have already written rules regarding this, it's causing Bohemia Interactive bad public reputation when server administrators are kicking players from servers for an early access game that critically needs more player data. They are also not allowed to "pay to win" by buying into a server you aren't paying to get free or easy loot or an advantage in fighting players on your server, you are dedicating your time to raising a community that will play with you on your server.

This is poor sportsmanship for one, and your attitude towards the entire topic is very poor as well.

because this peristance he is unable to get easy loot.
is it besser for you, if all private public Server would be closed? if yes, BE should Close this Option and only BE should open Server on there own cost.
or all Players should pay an abo for Server. so each Player, also you, should pay 30€ each month (now each Server admin pay 60€) to Play online.
are you wiling to pay 30€ each month? like an abo like wow?
only this abo for ALL Players would be fair

When you pay for a server, NBPone, you agree to Bohemia Interactive's terms and conditions that you won't mistreat their player base, nor will you use the server for anything other than hosting for other players to play on. If you pay for the server and whitelist it for your clan only, that's fine, but if you are kicking players off the server for whatever reason and cannot explain or prove why, then you're abusing the player base which is wrong and bad for Bohemia.

whitelisting is only posible if you have a new Server and pay extra.
It cost 66€/a month for 40 Slots. More Slots, more costs.
But you Show here you are not willing pay for playing on Servers. You write here with sportsman. Sportsman bring there own stuff and do not make there fun on cost of othere Players how work for this monay. You only Show "i will, that other humans work that i could Play on there cost and i won't pay anythink".
Tell with yes or no: Would you like to pay 30€ each month to Play DayZ online with an ABO?

Hi tap,

Thanks for putting this to our attention. We'll have a look at the server and ask the GSP to take appropriate action.