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there needs to be more weapons
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as said above the lack of weapons like common hunting rifles in barns make the game that much more boring and a lot of people I know have went back to the dayZ mod because of this issue and the lung capacity of a 5 year old


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play dayz sa

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Do you play on private hives? There's a known issue right now where civilian guns don't appear to be repspawning:

The only way around this right now is for server admins to reset persistence which resets the loot, and many admins are strictly against that.

The developers have also already explained that the loot economy works by spawning only up to certain amounts of weapons and every other item based on defined thresholds and I've found that a lot of greedy players loot places and dump guns in the forest/bushes/deep grass so they can grab them another time for their camps.
For instance, on several servers in Australia I was able to loot several M4's various civilian/hunting rifles and an AUG, AK74/101 from the treelines around Myshkino military camp.