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-newui gives me 20% FPS boost (a bug?)
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Ok guys, so i turned on -newui and it gave me boost from 32fps to 38fps looking into city. I ran around and i can see that the fps is really higher. i just wonder, why devs don't push on making the new UI playable (I am sure there is not a lot of work to make it look desirable, as it now looks horrible but works OK). So I think Devs are bugged and need a fix, because they don't focus on important things.

Easy things to do:

  1. make it look good
  2. make a new hotbar visible
  3. make statuses work

Hope we will see this new UI in next weeks, or I will give up hope for this game.


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All players are crying about how bad FPS is in this game, but when devs have the chance to help us, they do nothing.

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I can confirm this also. The new UI gives me a 5-10 FPS performance boost which is significant when you're running at 20-30fps in cities.


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Just to add, the new UI is pretty unstable and useless right now as it does not display your health status and it's difficult to see and manage your inventory items.

Don't know why it's "useless" the downside is without the proposed HUD shown on the dev blogs, the status indicators aren't available except for text-based ones.
Accessing items in the inventory is actually easier and you can access the full contents of big military tents and vehicle tents unlike the old interface.
It's more intuitive and responsive as well, it just lacks the fancy look and feel that I'm sure the graphics designers and user interface designers will add in coming updates. All I hope is the HUD is put in ASAP as -newui is really good and my entire group uses it.

New UI is still WIP, but a good sign of things to come!