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stored persistenced items lags up the area..
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So me and my mates did setup our camp last night.. We have 5 Barrels, 1 Military tent and 1 car tent.. inside the barrels we have about 4 mp5s, 2 augs, 1 m4, about 5-6 hand guns, food, vests etc.. About 50 items or so.. But this makes the entire area just lag out... if u are near our base you just that the "Recieving" when trying to interact with items.. Meaning that it will take you a few mins to pick up an item or you might even get timed out and DC..


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happens as soon as you go near our base..

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Same here. I was pretty excited for 0.58 as I was looking forward to setting up a camp with my mates, but we have had the same issues with ours and it is nearly impossible to interact with the camp at the moment.

Yeah seems like the lags reaches a few 100 meters.. if u run abit away from the area it works again.. The wierd part is that we had 5 full barrels at one point and there was no lag.. as soon as we put up the tents the lag started.. Atm we are trying to move items into another server and find out what or which items cause this..

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Hello equeone and thank you for the report.
This is an issue we are aware of, it has been fixed internally and should be fixed on Steam soon.