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Netting not spawning
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I checked The fishing village, south coast of Cherno and prison island, I have not found a single netting in 20 servers.


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Hopped servers to confirm.

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Netting doesn't spawn at these static boats anymore. The spawns are dynamic now and netting is a lot easier to get now - no server hopping required. Run eastern coast from svetlo on down and you will come across 3-5 or so dynamic boat spawns at least which contain boonie hats, raincoats, hunter pants, jerry cans, and netting.

"Spawns are Dynamic" - where do you find it then along the coast? If there's no spawn point where does it spawn exactly?

It's just like heli's, they are random spawns and on a 4hr reset. Run the coast from svetlo on down (east side) this is where most of the spawns seem to be. There is some on the south coast but not as much. You will see them... they are mini loot explosions with some having 10+ items around boots, raincoats etc.

I got 6 netting just last night on one run just from svetlo to the south of berezino. I hit like 4 boats on that run. They will look just like the static boats but will disappear and respawn elsewhere once the 4hr time limit hits.

None of the static spawns have loot any more.

Proptip: Sometimes the netting can be hiding under all the jackets so pick them up and move them.

Geez added a comment.Sep 3 2015, 11:29 AM

Hello butcher501 and thank you for the report.
We have checked the server logs and netting spawns correctly as it should.