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Loot storage overloading server
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After updating to .58, I heard warnings that if tents were placed within 1km of each other on the map then interacting with their inventories became glitchy/laggy. The same for truck inventories, if multiple trucks were parked too near to one another. I setup a military tent, placed a mountain backpack on the ground inside it, and also have a truck parked nearby, and the same issues are occurring. I can hardly interact with any of the items, if at all, and oftentimes I'm kicked with a "Session Lost" message.

I assume the problem is an overload of inventoried items near one another, but this is huge as it basically breaks persistence. Even if I space out my storage objects on the map, there's no guarantee another player's stash isn't nearby enough that it's going to break both of our storage opportunities.


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  1. Place persistent storage objects (vehicle, tent, backpack) within roughly a 1km proximity of one another.
  1. At some point, it will start to crash the objects and/or the server.

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Haven't had those issues we have nearly 20 tents of all kinds placed right next together as well as 5 cargo trucks parked all together. No issues our server gets a reasonable amount of traffic as well.

We just had to do *another* persistence wipe on both of our servers, as the lag from stored loot was terrible; several people were losing session. That was after people moved their tents FAR apart.

This has already been addressed by the developers as confirmed and is fixed internally and will be added to their .58 stable hotfix:

The tests concluded the range was 300m and the issue is most prevelant with barrels and less with the trucks and tents. Try to spread your camps out over a 300m radius to keep it safe for now.