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Constant "Free Look" freezes with mouse when moving since updating to 0.58 stable
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Since updating to 0.58 stable, when moving around, I have been experiencing momentary "free-look" freezes.

When this happens, nothing else on the game freezes. The birds continue to chirp and I can even continue WASD movement. But I cannot use the mouse to pan in any direction. After about a second of freeze time in the panning functionality, I will hear a Windows error sound (but no error pop-ups or anything). And then the functionality will resume. If I continue moving and looking around, I may have this happen 5 or 6 times over the course of a 50 meter travel.

This does not happen outside of the game, or even in the game with no movemement. (I sat motionless in a house for 10 minutes waiting for the accompanying error noise, but did not hear it. Then after 10 minutes, while remaining stationary, I just began looking around with the mouse, which produced the momentary freeze and error message within 10 seconds.

(Perhaps there were changes to the mouse event polling or something?)


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I looked for similar issues, but haven't found one that matches exactly, but I can't believe I'm the only one experiencing this.

I played quite a few of the 0.58 experimental updates (though I may have missed the very last one) and I did not experience this in experimental.

Thanks All!

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[Update] - Disregard - Please close case. I've been able to reproduce this outside of the game now. Perhaps if I ever did anything besides DayZ I would've picked up on this earlier.