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Player stays sick no matter what i do on 0.59 stable
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This is for the 0.59 stable that was just released. My character got sick from drinking well water from a canteen and now is both healing and sick at the same time. I got clean water again but drank from the same canteen and got sick again so I don't know if the canteen is contaminated or if it's a bug. I've used charcoal and it takes away my Hydrated, healing and energized status. So I used about 6 Tetracycline Tablets and it still says I'm sick. I tried eating, drinking clean water, taking vitamins, more Tetracycline but it still says I'm healing AND sick at the same time. Can you guys fix my status? My character name is Chris. My steam name is ~KSK~India6.

Would a blood transfusion heal me?


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Drink from the same canteen and I get sick.

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Well now my character is energized, hydrated and healthy when I logged in this morning so I don't know if it is a bug or if I just finally healed. You might want to check into this.

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only way to cure sickness is either Charcoal tablets or Death if the charcoal doesn't work you sir are scheduled for death~

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Well I'm not dead but rather Energized, Hydrated, and Healthy so I think this one may be a bug unless I magically healed from when I logged out until when I logged in this morning. Sounds like a bug since it was fixed by relogging

I got the same thing...but I got to healing, now healthy...color is good now..charcoal made the color come back....but still says sick. It was after I ate pristine cow steaks I cooked over an open fire. I don't get how I got sick in the first place...

It takes time to get back to health; sometimes hours. Drink good water and eat often. Of my group that ate "raw" steaks; only one died because he lacked the food/drink. At least the "Tablets" work now unlike 0.55 where if you got sick you were dead no matter what. (Yes I spent 8 hours sick one day and still died).
Eventually it will go away, depending how sick you are. If you are sick and drink pond water; you will only make it worse. Always just eat and drink clean water. I've never used water purification tablets yet; but only drank from well water and haven't been sick once.

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we're on 0.58 lol

This applies to hypothermia as well. I am stage two hypothermia and sitting on a fire "I am rapidly warming up" I am completely dry, but the hypothermia won't go away and I'm bleeding to death even though there are no negative effects of hypothermia until stage 3.