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Sway reduction when exhausted with hotkey and cooldown.
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Hello i would like to see a sway reduction feature where after running for an example after a bunch of guys or a single one for X amount of time and get exhausted, you could use this feature where you could control the sway to normal or reduce it by a great amount for X amount of time and it goes on cooldown X amount of time after you used it, released the button or after the X amount of time passed after using it.

It could be X time + X sway reduction + X cooldown for different wapeons or just use the same reduction of X time + X sway reduction + X cooldown on all of them when using the specific assigned hotkey.

Right now if you see a guy in a far distance there is no way in hell you will be able to kill him if he starts running out of distance or away if you decide to chase him there is no possible way you can kill the guy unless he stops wich ofcourse give him the edge since you have to run all the way to him while he can catch the breath and you cant when you arrived you basically just ask to suicide this way.

This would add a little skill cap aswell as some critical window decision making on when to use it to get an upper edge over the guy or guys that is running from you or towards you while you are running yourself.

Everyone can get an advantage in any situation by making critical decision in a window where you will have an upper edge depending on where you are or if the other guy used it and you still have your cooldown up etc.

I dont see anything negative with this becouse as it is now when you do the exact same thing i described there is now way you will kill that guy.

This is a feature requested by Sacriel the streamer i think it is a really good and solid idea, so why not suggest to add this to the game. He described the current problems with chasing people etc and suggested this solution.



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so as in you want a "Sniper Breath Holding" kind of like Say in Call of duty? where holding your breath reduced the sway of your scope.? Simpilar explination

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Yes but not in particular only for sniper as i described above, i was thinking of calling it holding breath but if it gets added to all weapons wich is the point, it makes no sense if it is named "holding breath" and yes it is exactly what i want a "sniper breath holding" (but for all weapons), so i just call it sway reduction.