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Bicycles for additional mobility options.
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Hey as stated above you guys encourage the players to use other parts of the maps by moving the loot around, but there is not much spawns that are close to thoese places and we dont have alot of options when it comes to mobility.

I would like to request adding bicycles to the game wich would obviously encourage people to explore the map rather then being in one place and server hop to make the process of looting / finding players easier, this would also encourage players to pvp in new places etc you name it.

I dont see anything negative with this feature being added, makes it easier for the players to move around the map rather then walking and hoping to find a truck and just rely on one mobility option.

I think this is a key feature to make people start moving atleast it would be for me as a player.



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I Upvote and agree with this add in bicycles to the game as a Vehicle and make a few hundred of them spawn all over the map, or make it so they can relatively easily be made (not as easy as Right clicking a Toolbox though.)