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After setting up camp on servers I then lose session the next day on said server constantly
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setup 3 camps on 3 servers in 2 different spots. the camps include about 5 barrels 2-3 trucks and the last camp i setup also had 3 civ tents. When setting up cam p everything is fine but when i return the next day the server lags very bad and i lose session then i have to log out wait for the spawn timer to reset then grab as much as possible b4 i lose session again


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setup large amount of stuff in camp then leave it until server resets(I think its a reset)

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it´s an known problem, and told in last status report.

to much items in your barrels/tents cause this problem.

try reducing your items and it will be work fine

the Devs just stated in the Latest live feed Limit you Camps to 2 tents/ barrels and A single truck if not it can go very haywire all you have to do is spread the stuff out a ways dont put everything together put a tree or 2 inbetween each containter/ truck at the moment i have 5 trucks 4 tents and 8 barrels and havent had an issue yet just spreading them out

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Hello Gigabite0218 and thank you for the report.
This is an issue we are aware of, it has been fixed internally and should be fixed on Steam soon.