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AKS-74u can still not mount PSO or Kashtan. Also, the silencer is not fitted properly on it.
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As stated above. In real life it can take all the scopes with side mount. Also, when silencer is applied irl, the flash hider is taken off beforehand. Given that it would be a simple fix (you fixed the same issue on AK74 a few patches ago), do try to assign this one for fixing before 0.59.


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Attempt to attach scopes and/or silencer east.

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It is not a bug that the scopes do not fit, its normal

Just use your brain, why would they bring the AKU if its just a smaller AK ? There must be some advantages, e.g. that you can put it in your backpack but also disadvantages, e.g. no scopes

its not supposed to fit any scopes its an Smg... not a rifle you might possibly be able to put the Redot that go onto mp5ks on it tho the rvd1s sight or wat ever.

I love it how an uninformed person thinks so high about themselves. It is not normal. So I shall "use my brain" and try to illuminate you.

AKS-74U has the identical receiver as the AK-74. It can take ALL attachments with side mount. It is actually a full blown assault rifle that just happens to have a short barrel. It is not a SMG. It is akin to XM177 (M4 back in the days, that we have ingame, and that takes all kinds of scopes) used to be a shortened M16A1 (that is confirmed to come in the future). I personally do not even care about using PSO or Kashtan on it now, I would like a holo sight like Kobra, or NV scopes that might eventually come to be mountable.

Also, I must disagree about your idea regarding "balancing", you have the UMP that fires .45 tactical nukes that have health damage identical to Mosin (higher than 5.45), and can take an ACOG. And all kinds of attachments beside it.

The more you know! :^)

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Hello HrcAk47 and thank you for the report.
The scopes cannot be mounted to the AKS-74U in dayz since it does not have the attachment rail for scopes (compare the ingame models of AKS-74U and the other AK's which allow scopes). As for the suppressor placement, the placement was adjusted and the muzzle flash suppressor should no longer be visible with suppressor attached.