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V3S can run without Battery and glow plug
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When you attach the Truck battery and glow plug to the V3S Truck you can turn it on.
When you remove the 2 Items the Truck is still driveable.
So the engine won't turn off.


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Was a misunderstanding with my mates.
This bug doesn't work. Thanks You can delate it!

Actually this Is a Bug and Does work, i test this about 5 minutes before posting this- Put battery and plug in truck start driving have passenger get out and pull them out truck will still run.

but i Honestly dont see this being a bug, because in real life you need a Battery to Start a Vehicle but once its started/ it runs off the alternator so there isnt a need for a battery, Plus with a diesel Truck you also Can Pull out the Glow plug but, you would have diesel spraying everywhere.

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@Geez hi :)

Please check this ticket.

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