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Can't Pick certain characters from Menu
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While on main menu, the "character" tab - the game currently won't allow the selection of the Kamelia, Henrieta or Jana models with the females, nor will it allow "Hicks" or "dean hall" models.

When I pick one of the above models and SET AS DEFAULT = it will revert back to female/dark or male equivalent models.

(Repeated the process many times)


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Main menu - character - (change model) - set as default ...

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I'm unsure if this is currently intentional from design team. Excuse my ignorance if it is.

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Ammendment: the problem is only on the menu. Could still select character even though "character menu" didnt official recognised the change.

So, selecting the aforementioned characters visually reverts back to default "first in the line" character if you exit and re-enter character selection screen.

Still lets you select and play any model in game, just sometimes no visual indicator of the change in menu before play.

Minor ;)