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Loot Explosion
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There is an army base in the west. There are some kind of officer's baracks where allways loot is spawning but it does not despawn. There are a very lot of magazines, weapons, ammonition, zooms and so on.
The problem is allways there with military loot. {F32495} {F32496} {F32497}


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Nope Absolutely Nothing Wrong with this. it is not a Bug, This is a Common thing known as "loot-cycling" where you take every item in a building move it all outside of the spawn of the other items then wait for the new stuff to respawn. eventually it will pile up tons of loot

You can't tell me this is not a bug. At this place you can find anything you will need to survive in this game. Also the M4, Steyr Aug and some UMP's or AK's. There are more than 10 weapons at the same place and tons of ammo and magazines for each weapon. So, obviously it is a bug where you can see the Loot-Cleaning-procedure is not working properly.

yes its Called Loot Cycling been around since the good ol Dayz mod

It must be a bug!!! We discovered this Problem last night. And this is absolutely not normal!

people will clearly abuse this

As Brian said in twitter, itens without player interaction (no containers) has 30 min lifetime. Clearly this cleanup isn't working. See the pics.

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Hello x-C7-E404 and thank you for the report.
This is an issue we are aware of and it has been scheduled for a fix.

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