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Persistence Bugged
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Entire camp disappeared overnight. While it's possible that it was looted, it's incredibly unlikely due to location and obscurity. Even items that were placed in the base of trees are gone.

Please at least look into it, even if the initial instinct is to write it off as a raid. Multiple players are reporting containers that should be persistent are disappearing.


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I started my .58 play experience in Svetlojarsk and ran through Olsha, NEAF, Khelm, Gvozdno, and the old fields. Along the way I stashed some barrels near Gvozdno when I found a truck battery and two barrels; ran about a 1.5 kM loop looking through forest structures, logged out, and returned to find barrels gone. Later on, I set down an improvised courier bag to open up my inventory, and looted a helicrash about 500 meters away, and returned within 20 minutes with sticks, placed loot inside improvised backpack bag and wen off to loot NWAF. I traveled about 4kM from this stash before returning two hours, and zero restarts later, and it was gone. I am beginning to suspect that stashed item cleanup is contingent on your network bubble leaving the area of the stored items.

or you possibly Just misplaced your Hidden items, or someone took them, i currently have 2 barrels hidden where no one else can get (aka a Glitched spot) inside of the Wall of a Certain building I will let you know if they disappear

@glockstopper - We wouldn't be posting here if it was even remotely possible that items were simply misplaced. This is not a platform for warrantless whining and emuthreat and I are both acutely aware of that fact.

shouldn't you be reporting that items can be placed into trees, not complaining there gone? Clearly that's an exploitation

@riktrik "Clearly" according to whom? I sincerely doubt that, but I'm not here to get into an argument with you. If YOU think it's an exploit, then YOU go report it.

I'm also not complaining. I'm making the devs aware that there is an issue.

According to whom? You think exploiting collision boxes is normal for any game?

Your only bothered you lost your gear, probably the only reason you reported something

I don't think putting a barrel so that it is obscured by tree branches is a bug or an exploit. There is no collision box. You can even stand in the same location, and the devs must be aware of this already. There is literally no way that they could not be.

I don't care that I lost my gear. You have no idea who I am, why I play this game, or what I get out of the experience. The best stuff I found is still on my person as is the stuff I gathered for my buddy on his character. I probably won't even play much more of this zombie-less patch regardless. I have literally no motivation whatsoever other than trying to make the possibility of an issue known.

That said, this place is not the forums, this is not Reddit, this is not the comments section of some Youtube video. If you cannot refrain from trolling and trying to start an argument please do it elsewhere. This is completely inappropriate on your part.

I say again, if YOU think this is an issue, then YOU go report it. Please do not continue posting here.

ok you Either Misplaced your barrels/tents or someone Stole them i have had My Camp set up now for over 36 Hours so 3 Different Restarts and my entire camp is still there we have 2 Big military tents, 4 barrels and 2 civilian tents, everything is also still inside of them no items missing no barrel or tents missing

glockstopper, please understand that this issue may be confined to a few servers, or even just the servers hosted by a single company. I am playing on US Central 1-55, hosted by, and the persistence is definitely not working. Instead of coming on here and calling us liars, perhaps you could contribute something to the knowledge base by sharing your server name and hosting company.

im not trying to call you a liar @emuthreat, im just stating my opinion and yes i might be wrong it might be server side seeings as how Persistance can be Disabled. or it was said that it could. and the Server i play on is Evil Chicken Gaming, not 100% sure on the host but i play with the Owner of the server and we havent had a persistance problem at all

Persistence seems to be working on central 1-55 now. The bag I dropped yesterday was right where left it after about 27 hours.

Can confirm persistence is bugged, barrels and guns disappear.
I dropped a backpack shortly before server restart and it disappeared.

I can confirm persistance is bugged, but in another way.

  1. I've found few ruined items (magazines, pouches) after 24 hours, which means some stuffs won't dissapeared after they're ruined. As results there is less and less loot. I have this information confirmed from few players on different servers (ale private hives).
  1. Sometimes your stuffs (clothes, vests, boots... everything excepts bags and guns) will diseapeared after few minutes, if you leave it on floor and leave area. But same stuff can stay on the palce for days - we had running shoes and jeans in our base three days...

I agree, the other day i dropped :

M-4 with all attatchments
Hunting bag full of stuff
Plate carrier full set full of gear
Gorka top / bottoms full of gear
Fire Axe

I went off to die of poisoning and came back as fresh spawn 30 mins approx later to find only the M4 and the Hunting backpack full of gear remained.

Nobody had been on server aside from me for duration of experiment.

All items were layed out neatly on flat surface outside gas station west of elektro with good spacing to prevent clipping.

@Kenotrs8, that is normal loot behavior. Only backpacks and guns have long enough decay times to be left on the ground unattended. Next time throw out expendable items and place clothing inside of backpack. This is why I always carry a burlap sack and some rope.

emuthreat has the right idea of it.

a. tents, barrels last 45 days.
b. guns, backpacks, protector cases last 3 days.
c. everything else is 30 minutes.

if there is evidence the above rules are not working, then it's a bug. now it could be either with that specific server, or with the game systems in general.

i don't get why anyone is upset about hiding a barrel in tree foliage. that is the most obvious thing to do.

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the devs need to bring back the old loot system into Dayz to get better loot spawns.

I have items all over the place; multiple days and resets; nothing disappeared yet. Only if you don't follow the rules:
a. tents, barrels last 45 days.
b. guns, backpacks, protector cases last 3 days.
c. everything else is 30 minutes.

Then items will disappear. Generally we like to loot everything in a town, then throw it on the ground, so it disappears and resets the loot; unfortunately loot doesn't respawn very often either. In one town, I haven't seen a single piece of loot respawn (and this was far northwest).