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Unable to attach Bipod on AK with Rail Handguard
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As the summary says, I can not attach a Bipod ( Worn ) to my AK Handguard Rail ( Worn ).
I attached the handguard on my AK 101 and on my AK 74 and on both the bipod can not be attached


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Hotfix PLEASE :)

Cannot attach the weapon flashlight, either. Definitely a bug as there's no point to the rail hand guard right now. could be intentional in preparation for the crafting table.


A hotfix would be much appreciated. I searched for dozens of hours to find a Rail Handguard on 0.57 and now that I have one, I can't use it.

I can confirm this. Cannot attach any weapon attachments to ak handguard rail on 0.58 tried with Weapon Flashlight, Bipod.

Can confirm, ever since the update was release I tried many things and couldn't attach anything onto the rail handguard.

push, is this already acknowledged?

confirmed. I have heard that painting the handguard black can be a workaround but haven't found the spraypaint to try. Green did not work.

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have this issue too

@Darvolin: Black paint does not work either.

I think there is no implementation of attaching anything to that hand guard with rails. It's just a visual purpose only item ATM.

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paint it black so you can attache

@Rebeliant Can now confirm black paint DOES work and bipod IS usable once attached. You cannot paint the handguard while it is attached to the gun for the record

I will check it once again and will give the feedback again.

Anyway, that issue seems to be easy to fix. I just wonder if Devs have already acknowledged the issue and scheduled it for a fix?