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Admin's Kicking Anyone who Joins there Public server,
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Server IP:
Multiplay :: Hardcore PVP Elektro 2H

This is Only One of the Many of the Multiplay servers.


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Almost All of the Multiplay Server i logged onto Today with one or two people on as soon as id load in or Start to Load in the Admins would immediately kick me and all of my squad that joined

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All of a sudden (coincidentally with new build update), certain public servers change their names to "TESTER - join and get kicked" or similar...

Pathetic...really pathetic

NBPone added a subscriber: NBPone.May 8 2016, 11:35 PM

why you don't join an public Server for example "DayZ DE 3-10..."?
Why you join an privat public Server whitch was paid for more then 60€.
In the end, they kick you immediately during the join and not during an fight or so on.
If i was kicked immediately, i join on another so. I don't see the Problem.
I think you have not paid for an Server, or? :S
And no: i'm no firend of this Server of play there.

Hi glockstopper,

Thanks for sending in that info. We'll have a look at the server and contact the GSP so that they can investigate the server logs and notify the server admins in regards to the server hosting rules.