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Unable to remain looking through scope after firing a round
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When you are scoped in on the CR527 rifle fitted with a hunting scope and you fire a round the player view is forced out of the scope, making it difficult to see where shots are landing and preventing the player from making leading adjustments when firing at moving targets. The scope position and/or zoom level should be constant until the player decides that it's time to change it, i.e., for a reload of the bolt action.

In a realistic firing scenario the shooter should have at least a chance to see where his round hit and make range and windage adjustments as needed.


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Outfit a CR527 with a hunting scope
Pull up the scope and fire at a long range target
Notice how difficult it is to make firing adjustments as the scope will always be pulled out of view.

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This may also occur on other scoped rifles, but I typically only use the 527 so that's what I've noticed it on.

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Noticed that too on the winchester on the 0.58

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I've seen something like this occasionally on the winchester as well. The scope goes all black or something.. like it's aiming somewhere else while.

This happens with all scoped weapons
The recoil is so dramatic, it lifts the scope so high that you can no longer see your target in view, hence you cannot see where the bullet has impacted, nor judge range for any subsequent shots.