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Run in place, after lowering weapon with "space" (or custom key) instead of "right mouse button" after "aiming down sight"
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If you aim down sights and turn to run while pressing "space" to lower your weapon, you will be allowed to run a few steps, then run in place then the game will jarringly try to pull the scope back into view. Pressing "space" and clicking the right mouse button should both lower your weapon so that you can run. Having one button to lower a weapon from hip fire, and another button to lower from ADS is confusing. Both buttons should perform the same operation in game instead as it is "space" will fool you into believing you lowered the weapon as you run away but then you will be stuck running in place as the scope tries to go back to your view. Also, I believe sometimes this happens even if you do de-scope with the mouse. I'd have to try again in game to be sure.


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Aim down sights. Press "space" or sometimes even clicking on the right mouse button to lower your aim and run away. A few steps later you will run in place as the game thinks you are still ADS'ing and you will have to press the right mouse button again to lower it.

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Here is a youtube clip where this issue happens.

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I had previously said pressing "V" would do this but I forgot that I changed my keys so that "V" lowers weapon and "space" vaults, but the default is "v" for vault and "space" for lowering weapon. Sorry for the confusion.

Issue persists with 0.58

How to reproduce:
Run with gun in hands
Right click
Continue running
After a few seconds, you will run on the spot

I thought this was some form of Lag at first...
It happened so much, i have created a clear video of it using 0.58