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Game stops rendering
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The game stops rendering quite often, which means that FPS drops to ~5-10 and graphics get REALLY blockish + if Im in a house, I can clearly see through the walls or if Im outside it doesn´t render anything. There is no real pattern, when it happens, for me at least. It starts happening more often after I´ve been in game for 20+ minutes or so. Apparently all I found on google on this issue: "LEFTSHIFT" + "-" + typing "FLUSH" will fix the bug till it happens again, which it does. I also have a few more sample pictures in my photo library in steam. I can handle the random falling off of a building, but this happening in a gun fight for example is the MOST frustrating thing that can EVER happen in this game, trust me :D

Screenshot: {F32384} {F32385}


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This happens to me when i enter big citys, i got the minimum req system

This only started with me with 0.58. Persists with 0.59

I have exact issue, but currently it is constantly.. I cant even play. Ill add a Picture ^

In that picture ^ I am in a building