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Cant join any servers while skyping (battle eye)
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Everytime i try to join a server while a skype call to another person is active it load a bit, like 30 seconds then it freezes, then the skype call hangs up and i land on the server browser with a battle eye error message. it happens to the guy im skyping with too. this issue is not new to me, it happenend to me a long time ago and stopped happening when a new stable came out. but now since, i dont know exactly, maybe a half year, it happens again. it worked just fine yesterday and before but since the 11th of august hits year it just does not want me to skype while joining a server.


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No Bug
Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

Call someone on skype,
Search for a server,
join that server,
wait a moment.

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Hello m0a9r1c1el.
Since you are experiencing issues with BattlEye client, please contact BE support directly at and provide them with as much information as possible so your issue can be resolved.