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Game is stuttering with Windows 10
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After a fresh-install of Windows 10, I installed Dayz.
Just started the game, Fullscreen on, Shadowplay on/off(tested both) and the game keeps stuttering. The problem occures if I play in fullscreen. Changed to windowed and it has been gone. {F32370} {F32371}


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Having a similar issue with DayZ stuttering in towns - to a far higher degree, under Windows 10, compared to Windows 7. Moved DayZ to an SSD and the stuttering appeared to lessen significantly.

Posco added a subscriber: Posco.May 8 2016, 11:27 PM

no issues win 10 fully updated and built and all drivers freshly done.
i3 @ 3.4
8g ram
crappy 5600rpm hdd

stutters when near other players on .58

I have the same problem. GTX 980ti here, driver is up to date (nvidia 355.60).
After a fresh install of Windows 10 Pro, DayZ is stuttering.

Game stutters every 2 seconds (micro freeze), it doesnt matter how many frames I have and V-sync is on or off.

Note: If I choose one of the games graphic preset (normal, low, high, etc), the stuttering stops. If I alt+tab to desktop and back to game, it comes back. Any idea?

New info: Other friends are having the same problem, one with windows 7 (AMD 6870 GPU), other one in Windows 10 (GTX 970). Maybe it's related with the new patch 0.58?

Geez added a comment.Oct 15 2015, 11:58 AM

Hello Darkem201.
Please attach a dxdiag file from your pc to this ticket.

I recorded a video with my cellphone (since shadowplay won't capture the tearing) to show how frequently it happens.

Can you help me, Geez? I'm trying to play experimental 0.59 but it's stuttering like hell. The game was running just fine in windows 8, but it's not ok in Windows 10. :/

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Having the same issue, on Windows 7, unable to even try to test EXP.