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[EXP .58] Item clean up issues
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In .58 some items are despawned by the server with in a couple of seconds. These items include both kinds of stick, logs, and paper. Other items such as clothing are remaining on the ground for more than 24 hours before being cleaned up. (The status report said that most items were on a 30 min timer)


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drop an item on the ground and watch it disappear instantly or stay there for ever.

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I have the same problem. Confirmd

Played on "DayZ UK 4-073 - Hosted by - Persistence Enabled" last night from 9:00PM to 11:00PM Eastern. I played again today on the same server a few hours ago and I discovered something puzzling:

Unless a remarkable coincidence happened, the same loot was in two buildings more than 16 hours later. The reason this stands out to me is that I interacted with 3 of the 4 pieces of loot, which I would think would cause them to despawn. I would have thought they would despawn even without interaction after 16 hours, but I don't know what to expect for items not interacted with. Anybody know what is intended?

As for the items:
The Bible. I picked it up to see if it could be read. I could not figure out how to read it.
A sewing kit. I used it to repair my hunting jacket. In the process the sewing kit went from worn to badly damaged.
A blue hoodie which I picked up to see if it was better than a spare coat I had in my bag. It was damaged so I swapped it back out.
A red bucket hat. I didn't interact with this one, but I did notice it.

So, again, in the only two buildings I rechecked, the 4 pieces of loot that were there when I signed off last night were also there more than 16 hours later. Same exact items and same exact condition unless a truly remarkable coincidence occurred.

For reference, I just went back and relooted the whole town (Gvozdno) and basically it is all the same loot.

I am sure about this because as I looted the town originally I called out most of the things I found to other members of my squad on TeamSpeak in case they wanted any of it. The majority of things I didn't interact with, but if nothing is cleaning it up for a whole 24 hours it seems like something is broken.

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Barber107 - I have seen the same loot persist in remote towns for more than 5 days on the same server. I definitely think there needs to be some sort of recycling of loot after 24 hours. I compare this to the office candy bowl - after a few days, the only things left are the things that nobody wants.