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Hacked/stolen files being used
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I received a new follower on twitter and took a look at his handle. This video was posted 3hrs ago with "DayZ Cheat" in the title. I help run the Admin Alliance (Currently a FB group) and thought I ought to check it out. I'm also trying to steer the group away from bugging devs (Eugen and David) everytime they wanna out/report someone (due let me know if this is the proper channel for info such as this).

Right off the bat you can see custom texture work has been done. They've got textures, and animations. Noticed some arma 3 gear and vehicles not found in DayZ SA so I wager it's being done on a custom arma 3 server. I realize this vid is from back in March, but thought I'd make sure it was seen and/adds to any evidence you may already have.


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The dudes YT channel:

and his twitter handle:

Our group in case any more of you fine devs wish to join:

Thanks and keep up the good work

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