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Cannot Drop Lit Flare Without Full Inventory
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If you attempt to light a flare it has to go into your hands. If you try to drop the lit flare from your hands by clicking the red x it goes into your inventory and the flame goes out so dropping it at that point doesn't work. If you purposefully fill every open slot in your inventory you can circumvent the issue as when you drop the lit flare from your hands it has nowhere to go but the ground.


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Steps To Reproduce

-Right click flare (on ground or in your inventory)
-Select Light Flare
-Click red X to attempt to drop
-If inventory space was open, flare goes to open slot and is extinguished
-If inventory was full, flare goes to ground and stays lit

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Just drag the flare to the Vicinity zone of the Inventory. Or put it in your hands and throw it.

Throwing it is definitely a good idea but shouldn't be necessary. As it is now; dragging it from your inventory to the vicinity zone of the inventory does not solve the issue as the flare will of been extinguished when going from your hands to the inventory.

Just as an update this seems to of been corrected in .58
Thanks guys!