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Loot Distribution
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Spreading the loot around a bit more to make all loot locations a bit more interesting


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Every one knows certain locations spawn certain loot items. So when you are after that item you search thoughs locations. To make the game a bit more interesting have all the loot be able spawn in all locations with certain areas having more of a bias to one kind of loot type. EG Medical centers have a higher chance of spawning medical items and mill bases a bias to military items ect. So you look in a barn and there is a surprise there an akm or something a bit out of the ordinary not usually found in that location same for other boring spawn locations. So then you might not ignore all locations in your search. I do get a bit board searching one type of location for specific items. It would be nice to get the odd surprise every so often. And the chance of much sought after items should have only a very small chance of spawning outside there usual locations.

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i agree, the loot should be more surprising sometimes. people get bored when there is no variety in loot distribution. there should be very small chance to find a military loot also in civilian houses. not same items over and over again.

That wouldn't make much sense. you don't go to someones house for medical treatment so why should you find medical supplies there. In real life military bases and hospitals are bound to be hot spots because of the types of items you do find there, which also makes them the more dangerous locations to loot.

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So the military and paramedics only stay in thoughs places then? They don't go out from their bases and hospitals to fight and provide first aid? Although you are right the mil bases and hospitals should be the main places for thoughs items. I don't want loads of mil/medical loot outside thoughs places, but it would be nice to find the odd item all be it a rare occurrence outside thoughs places. It might make you look in more buildings instead of ignoring them.

Ok Chickman, so you would like to go with boring no randomness thing. Go to this house, where you know exactly what you will find... That is so boring! Go to hospital, find only medic loot. Go to civilian house, find nothing valuable, go to sheds, find only shed things... So so boring. This predictability will get me leave this game in some time.

The only way I could see that working without feeling like it shouldn't belong is like you said, people go out into the field and die. so perhaps a dynamic spawn where you find either a crashed military truck (similar to helis but with typical military loot) and crashed EMT vehicles.