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Garden plots disappearing almost immediately on latest 0.58 experimental
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I've created four different garden plots on Central US-02 (1pp) Experimental in very different locations (near a town, in the woods, in a field).

It creates the garden, but then when I try to prepare the first slot for planting, the whole garden disappears and I get an error saying there are no available slots.

I also tried creating a plot and *NOT* preparing the first slot. The garden still disappears after a few seconds. Usually 5 seconds or so.

I'm using a Pristine Farming Hoe.
It's also raining quite a bit (constantly), so I was trying to take advantage of that. (But maybe some new mechanics have been added to wash away the garden?)

(I'm not sure which 0.58 update this is, or how to tell, but it occurred on 8/1/2015, after the 7/31/2015 update.)


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Dig a garden plot.
Watch garden disappear.

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[ Update ]

Tried after the rain stopped, but it still disappeared.
Had no trouble planting in greenhouses.
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Aus 01 server is working ok for gardening, grops grow and plots are normal 0.58.129052.