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Same item 3 or 4 times in the same building/house
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In some building the loot will be the same for the whole building. For example I looted a military barrack and the only loot was 4 or 5 pistol flashlights. Update : Still happens in the new mil barracks too {F32316}


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yeah i found the gun-holster for plate carrier 10 times in both zelenogorsk barracks.

the devs told why this happens, it should not happen because every building has a maximum of items per house. lets hope they can fix that.

I noticed this issue yesterday, around 3 PM pacific, on EXP SW 0-1, at the tents in the northern area of NWAF. Most of the tents were spawning mulitples of certain items. One tent would have four pairs of binoculars, another would have five grey ushankas, many of the tenst had two or more bipods along with one or two pairs of boots, another tent had five helicopter helmets. Other structures such as the guard towers and civilian style hangars seemed to have a more diverse selection, but the tents were notably homogenous in thier individual offerings.

They fixed the houses with the clothing. Still happens sometimes in tents and old mil barracks. And all the time in the new mil barracks

Yeah, one of the barracks in Zelenogorsk only spawns plate carriers xD

Still happens today, the 2 Zelenogorsk military barracks only had about 5 or 6 gun holsters each. Seems to be happening the longer the server stays online. For exemple when a new exp patch is release and the loot is reset it doesn't do it. But now its been about a week with the same exp build I see it more happening.

Oh and Its happening in the hunting stands too, only binocs in some of them

It seems to get worse with time now. After a week and a half into this build at the NWAF tents, a lot of them spawn (Or never get cleaned up because no one pick them up) the same item 3 or 4 times and its mostly hats. Same thing happens in the big hangar where only plate carriers spawns.

Today in Zeleno, the military barrack next to the gatehouse spawned the same "medical" loot as the gatehouse. Loot seems to be more random in military barrack and hangars but it always is after a loot reset, I need to wait and see if it degrade again after a week.