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Tanning pelts in oil barrel failed
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I put a rabbit pelt and fertilizer into an oil barrel, right clicked the barrel, and clicked tan pelts. After checking the barrel every 30 seconds or so, the fertilizer and the rabbit pelt was gone. It was not in the barrel, on the ground, or nearby. I was guarding the barrel, so it is quite unlikely someone took them.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Find oil barrel
  2. Use rabbit snare to catch rabbit and skin it for rabbit pelt
  3. Find fertilizer
  4. Put fertilizer and rabbit pelt in barrel
  5. Right click barrel, click "Tan Leather" and wait

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I have confirmed the same... also with Rabbit pelts.
I had two bags of Lime in the barrel (100% and 10%). Both the lime and the pelts disappeared with no leather to be found.

Have not yet tried other animal pelts.

Same issue with deer pelts.

Geez added a comment.Aug 5 2015, 9:50 AM

Hello counterstrikenoob and thank you for the report.
This is an issue we are aware of (#0026593) and it has been scheduled for a fix.