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Fireplaces disappear when on the ground
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When crafted from sticks and rags fireplace disappers from the ground withing 5 - 30 sec even when lit.


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Craft fireplace, drag to ground from inventory screen

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Can definitely confirm. Fireplaces disappear after 3 seconds, was just about to report it. Happens 100% of the time.

Version: 0.58.128852

Can confirm as well. Crafted 4 in a row and they all disappeared in under 5 seconds.

OS: Windows 7
Version: 0.58.128852
Server: US East 0-1

Geez added a comment.Jul 30 2015, 1:06 PM

Hello germanpostrigan.
Does the fireplace disappear just visually? Attempting to reproduce the issue and I still can access the fireplace in vicinity menu.

It doesn;t seem to work 100% of the time i crafted 3 fireplaces and 2 of them disappeared. They vanished on the road texture as well as grass, not only visualy, I checked. Then I started trying to reproduce it again, but it didn't seem to happen anymore after ~ 5 attempts. I even resterted the game and tried everything again, but everything worked fine. Looks like an issue happens when you first connect to the server

Never mind it happens randomly, what I discovered is 3 fireplaces next to each other delete the oldest one, but I'm not sure this is connected to the issue above.

I did some testing last night (out of necessity, I was freezing to death!) and it seems to be limited to area, almost like the game is cleaning up certain items far too aggressively. This would also happen with rags and paper (notes) in the same area.

It was happening originally within the fenced area of the factory/quarry just east of Kamensk. I tried four fires total and they all disappeared, once I stepped out the entrance and across the road it stayed and I could light it. This again happened in the group of houses around the water pump south of the main road, in the eastern most part of Stary Yar as you're entering town. Any rags, paper, etc... would almost immediately disappear, while other items - battery, duct tape and thankfully my mosin - would stay on the ground without issue. So it definitely seems to be confined to small areas AND certain 'junk' items when it's happening.

If I come across another area I will add it to the post.

Image of first area -

Yeah, I also encountered rags dissapering in 5 secs when first spawned in this exp iteration. First time I came across the issue with fireplace was very far up north in random forest near just feed shack. Today tested on the road leading to Cherno and got this weird results, so maybe it's not just certain areas.