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Cannot refuel truck on latest 0.58 experimental
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On latest 0.58 experimental, I am unable to refuel a V3S.

Unless the mechanics of refueling have changed and I could not just figure it out.

Thinking perhaps it was a bugged V3S or bad positioning, or a server problem, I tried it against 5 different V3S across two 1PP servers.

I approach the gas tank from the passenger side (screenshot 2015-07-23_00001.jpg), with a 72% full Jerry Can in my hands.

My only options are "View Contents" (of the V3S), "Drink All", "Drink" "Empty Vessel"

I'm not sure if the ability to view contents of the V3S is conflicting with the targetbox of the gas tank or what. Just my wild guess.


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Get a Jerry can with gas in it and find a V3S. Attempt to refuel.

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already add on #0026536

(u add Jerry ,

so unable to refuel a V3S with Jerry, bottle or saucepan ...

its not unable, the truck is already full but the fuel-view got bug

no (GanzeGurke) ,

After V3S havent gas anymore (you can't start engine) ... It 's imposible to refuel it (with Jerry, bottle or others) .

Because of the contextual menu (didn't show -> "fill V3S with ..." )

Like said survivin ;)

I also experienced this yesterday. Gauge in truck says empty, no option to fill with a jerry can. Also related to this; I could not fill the Jerry can at a fuel station. It would go through the animation but the can would always read 0%.

It is also my opinion there are not enough information or feedback about why a truck won't start. If you're going to require repairs and fueling then you need to work out the mechanics before you put them in the game. This is game design 101.

Having the exact same issue. I have a gas can with 73% volume and after doing laps around the vehicle for 5 minutes recieved no scroll options to refuel the V3S. This is as of the 30 July update on EXP .58.

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You have to drive and burn some fuel before you can refuel. Refueling works fine in 0.58 as today. Only the fuel gauge is broken.

hawksachute, I started the enigne with glow plug and battery. After some driving I could refuel with bottle.

GanzeGurke ,

thx you for you update ! :)

That's probably precisely my issue. I was fooled by the fuel gauge.
I'll try again if I ever find another battery.

@Geez maybe close this ticket cause it's obsolete?

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