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Bug of invisible item on free hands
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When you have 2 weapons, one on your back and another on your hand, after eat something is impossible to use your hand or weapon again.

Is impossible to drop the weapon on ground or put something on hands.

The weapon is on your hand but is invisible and is not possible to use or drop.

( sometimes works fine and others the bug appears )

The solution to fix this issue..

Log-off and Log-in again on server.. then your weapon will appear on your hands again and you can use it normally.


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Steps To Reproduce

-put on weapon on your hand e another on back (with full inventory)
-eat something
-pick up weapon on the ground (automatic animation)
-wait until the animation is finished
-the weapon will be invisible on hand
-you can not use your hands anymore

Additional Information

I am waiting a long time to fix this issue but until now nothing.

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Something similar to this also happened to me on .58 exp where I crafted an improvised knife and it bugged in my hands invisibly until re-logging.

I experience this on stable too, it needs to be fixed because we cannot keep logging out and in :X