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Loot balancing
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I know they are looking into this, But I don't think 21k's worth of items is going to be enough when all the building will be able to have loot. Some of the building are not getting anything at the moment so if they are brought back in to the equation the loot will be spread very thinly. I'm not after lots of good stuff, but I would like to see more junk around so I can see that buildings are getting items and make searching a bit more fun. There is nothing more disappointing than going into building after building and not even finding junk. At the moment some of the buildings I don't even go into as I know you won't find anything. EG the pubs, bars, new sentry posts and prisons and any of the new buildings. As stated its balancing not to make it easy to find the good stuff.


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Go around the map and see how thin the loot is with quit a few buildings not even getting any loot and add them into the equation and think what it would be like then.

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It would be good to find at least 1 bit of junk in most of the buildings to make searching feel a bit more worth while and less empty buildings.

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