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Can't reuse ammo removed from weapon
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I've had several weapons that I didn't have a clip or mag for so I would chamber a single round. If I remove the round a Can't reload it or combine it with other rounds.


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Chamber a single round in the 1911 and remove it from the weapon Then try to combine the round with other .45 and it only gives the option to load. The single round can be reloaded into the pistol with the magazine removed.

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This has happened with several pistols of all calibers. (Haven't tried the .380)

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pls check if this single round get "eject" when you click right mouse on it.

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this happens when you "drag and drop" the bullets out of the gun.

when you rightklick on the bullets in the weapon and use "ejekt" it never happens

This has happen to me and my clan . I used sks and if you load 10rds into it and fire a few rounds off, then eject the rest it shows the pic of the sks but 0rds or 1rd then if you drag it on to 10rds say in your bag to sack them you then lose the lot ??

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Hello Animal451 and thank you for the report.
This is an issue we are aware of (#0025859) and it has been scheduled for a fix. The workaround is to right click the ammo and select "eject", as by drag and dropping the ammo directly out of weapon you are dragging out the loaded state of ammo (This should no longer happen once the bug is fixed).