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Doors appearing closed to the player but open on the server and vice versa.
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I noticed that sometimes when trying to open doors that it would make the sound of shutting the door and I would have to open the door again.

But just recently discovered that the opposite happens also when I ran into an open building but couldn't pick up items inside. To see where my character was stuck I dropped my T-shirt and noticed it was by the open front door and wondered why my character would get stuck there so I tried to close the door and re-open it (it took 2 attempts to close the door). Once I had done that I could pick up the item without any problem.


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It is a matter of finding a bugged door and opening or closing it.

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this desync is still an issue in 0.58 exp

yes, it is the reason you cannot pick up items inside, because server sees you still outside. clicking on close door icon doesnt close the doors at the first try, only on second try. this game is so bugged... looks like nothing works as it should.

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tghe thing is .. if you play with a buddy the door could be open for him, but closed for you

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Thats a real problem if one client sees tho open doors and one client sees closed doors... big disadvantage for one of them