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Status in the Inventory is not up to date
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hello devs,
how i had it some times (more then one) that the stati in the inventory are not up to date or working.
For example:
Drinking: you drink and drink and drink and nothink. You could run and search. If you reconnect or Change the Server your character is puking because you are more then stuffed.
Damage: i was shot, so i start running. I escaped but the sreen get more and more gray. I look in the inventory and nothink. Energized, Hyrided and healthy lime green, but not bleeding. I lie on the ruff of an house and see that i'm bleeding, so i use rags. Then i go down and reconnect. I get a Screen and fall in unconsciousness.
That are only two examples that the Status get not updated some times.


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-Drink or eat and watch the Status in the inventory

  • get shot
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The eating and drinking Problem is often then the shot Problem. But its random.

Btw: We in our Group makes jokes of this because we talk "oh, i forgot. This function worked in the past". Most Problems worked in the Version before and with a new patch, it dosn't work.
I think there is no part in dayz with is working and you de-patch it (make a bug in a working function).

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I had this problem several times when tried to get better spawn place. I was killing myself some times then when got better spawn place I started to eat and drink. My status was not changing, but after relog I started to vomit immediately.

I think there is a bug with spawning. For example, I spawned in Kamyszowo (sorry, writing on phone and don't remember English version) and was running straight to Elektro. When I was near I was dying of starvation and dehydration. Didn't manage to reach water pump near school. I'm gonna open new ticket with this if I don't find one exists.

Got this without exploiting any game mechanics. Once after spawning where my character had not status and did not get hydration from a well (until I relogged which caused the survivor to vomit - which suggests not only the indicator but also the effects are bugged) and later when I realized that I had not eaten or drunk for a very long time but still had the bright green indicators (and probably the regeneration effects as well).