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VS3 Truck and Tent disappears after server restart in Persistance Server.
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I was playing in a Persistance enabled server last night (Saturday) and left in a forrest my truck and tent with some items inside. Today when I joined the server again there was nothing there, both the truck and the tent with my items had disappeared. {F32045}


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Steps To Reproduce

1-Park truck and pitch tent anywhere.

2-Log out.

3-Observe how they have disappeared.

Additional Information

Attached there's a picture of the server to confirm that it was Persistance enabled.

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Persistence is currently disabled globally. No server can change this currently. Not a server option anymore, so I'm not sure why some server names even still mention it.

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still the truck should be persistent... guess someone found it and took it ?

Persistence is dead...

Geez added a comment.Jun 22 2015, 4:20 PM

Hello Interfectoro.
Persistence is currently turned off on purpose until certain things are tweaked. However, persistence should be back in the game soon.