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Vehicles Flip Over For No Apparent Reason
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Traveling in convoy south, two vehicles, with 20 meters in between, from Novy Sobor to Guglovo, the rear vehicle flipped on the road, and right itself, with all tires blown, having not impacted on any visible object.

On at least 6 other occassions with lone vehicles, traveling on roads, grass and in forests, even with no objects present in the immediate vicinity that should cause such action, the trucks will begin rolling, sometimes righting themselves, sometimes remaining flipped, with tires destroyed for no apparent reason.

Thankfully, the vehicles are not killing players (that I've seen) and players are able to properly exit the vehicles. Otherwise vehicle performance is much improved over a few months ago.

If this was more exactly reproduceable, or exact locations could be pinpointed in game, I would provide more detailed information.


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  1. Drive vehicle for an hour.

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Seems to be random bumps or something. The same thing happened to me on the road heading east just before Novo. Only difference was the tires didn't blow out, just rolled the truck onto it's side.