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First PVP experience on 0.57 stable
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Ok so I wanted to vault a fence double carrying, it dropped the gun from my hands to the floor and I could not put anything in my hands, at the same second I see a guy run past me ("luckily" he did not see me), so I quickly had to log out and log back in to have access to my hands, 5 seconds later I find the guy, tap fire and get the sticky trigger bug and I loose control of the gun, at this point he hits me and I think I am going to die, "luckily" he goes unconscious and I end him.


This was a very frustrating occurance for me, first the need to relog at the point of encountering a player, and secondly the sticky trigger made me more frustrated. These were the two bugs I encountered so far while PVP'ing on 0.57, and it was only the first encounter I have had on this patch. All I can say is that I was "lucky".


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I just had the weapon drop bug while jumping a fence as well. It dropped my gun on the ground and had top re log to put things in my hands. I'm just happy nobody else was around.

Geez added a comment.Jun 19 2015, 11:23 AM

Hello cs_wolf and thank you for the report.
These are known issues and they have been scheduled for a fix.