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frying pan exploit
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I found out how to search properly on here. this is a known issue. please close

it is possible to put 4 items into a frying pan then attach that pan onto a gas stove taking only 2 inventory slots for 7 items (stove, pan, gas canister and the 4 things in the pan.

it doesn't need the gas canister but makes no difference if one is attached.
it also does this with a cooking pot.

this setup should use at least 4 slots (preferably 6) {F32025}


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find a frying pan (or cooking pot). put 4 items into the pan.
attach the pan to a gas stove.
put in your bag.

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I'm also guessing that you would be able to put the fryingpan/stove into a protector case giving you 11 items in a 6 slot box

(I shall test this later)