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Bohemia needs to rethink its development & experimental strategy
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This feedback tracker is pointless.

The new patch has been on almost a week and some of the most game-breaking bugs have hardly been upvoted.

I'm surprised about the push to 0.57 which went so fast, skipping 0.56 in the process. Didn't anybody test 0.57 and report these bugs?

Do the devs read the feedback tracker at all?

Anyhows, the experimental servers need to be rethought, experimental is impossible to play because you can never find any loot at all, meaning that hardly anybody will ever find a weapon and be able to test the new issues.

No wonder hardly anybody I know is bothered to download the experimental versions anymore.


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Think about it!

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Hi ColonelBurton,

Don't worry, we most certainly do use the Feedback Tracker.

Since persistence is enabled on Experimental servers and since they are heavily populated, loot would most likely be picked clean across servers.

You mention there are loads of bugs in 0.57; we don't deny that. Please feel free to file any bugs that have not been filed so far :)